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I have spent many days looking for creative ways to escape my data entry job, and make my work as easy and simple as possible.

In the process of that, I became the go-to guru in the office for all things concerning Excel. Soon I was made the company’s top analyst.

Now this is all I do, help people like you to make the most of the tools you already have, save everybody time, and make the days at the office a bit better.

Excel can do anything — and if it can’t, I can make it do it

not with your everyday macro, but with taylormade programming

VBA / Google Scripts / DAX / m formulas

Google Spreadsheet is a light yet powerful solution

especially if you need to collaborate with people who are often out of the office

If you are stuck trying to do something in Excel, have an idea but can’t figure out where to start, or are just curious about how Excel can make your life easier, come and say

We’ll spend at least 15 minutes together free of charge (via remote connection), figuring out a solution to your problem, and seeing what else Excel, can do for you

I work closely with a skilled and diverse team of freelancers — if you need any help with web development, design, social media, photography or programing, please let me know